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 Welcome to Our Dental Clinic 


St George Dental is part of the Student Discount Network Program, providing discounts on dental services to OCAD University students.

OCAD students get a fully subsidised check-up and teeth cleaning with their active school dental insurance plan. For other dental services, there may be a co-payment if they are partially subsidised. Check your student dental plan breakdown in the section below for more details. 

OCAD University Students

What does the OCAD Student Dental Insurance Plan cover? 

Am I covered under OCAD's Student Dental Insurance Plan?

OCAD students automatically get dental insurance that is included in their tuition with a few exceptions.  For possible exceptions, click here.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure their dental plan is active. If you are unsure whether or not your dental insurance plan is active, contact your Campus Administrator.

Contact us today to book your examination and teeth cleaning appointment at 416-551-6565

Please allow us 24 hours to reply to your inquiry.

We are located at 183 College Street Toronto, ON

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